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News: openmamba ready to ship KDE Plasma 6 “mega-release”

After a period of packaging and testing openmamba is ready to ship the KDE Plasma 6 mega release upgrade to all users. The next snapshots of livecd and livedvd live and installation media, which will be available within a couple

New: Git-based source repository and other news

openmamba provides a new web service on the site where the recipes (.spec files), patches and additional files representing the over 5500 source packages with which the distribution in format is created and maintained are easily consultable. tracks. The

News: support for 64-bit ARM architecture (and Raspberry Pi 4)

openmamba is now available for the aarch64 (aka arm64) architecture, which is added to the x86_64, i586 e arm (armel) supported architectures. This makes openmamba potentially compatible with present and future devices based on 64-bit ARM architecture that have a standard GNU/Linux

openmamba “light” with LXQt desktop

The “light” version of openmamba is renewed by adopting the LXQt desktop environment which replaces the previous LXDE environment. Meanwhile, the main release continues to provide users with an always up-to-date KDE Plasma desktop environment. In the Downloads section all

openmamba: subsystem updated to RPM 4 and DNF

After a period of development and testing, the openmamba software packages management and update subsystem has been updated and rebased on version 4 of the RPM manger package using DNF (which replaces YUM) for managing system updates. With this important

openmamba returns to have a single maintainer

From this year the maintenance and development of openmamba have resumed a pace equal if not higher than in previous years. Working with continuity I have producted a substantial modernization of the package base of the rolling version of the


The openmamba project, after the previous announcement, is back up and under development. Thanks to the interest of many users it was possible to restart reviewing its organization and development processes. Now, under the expert guide of the team leader

*** openmamba END OF LIFE announcement ***

The openmamba project officially closes after ten years of life. Website, services and repositories will continue to be available for an indeterminate period. The maintainer and founder of the project wishes to thank all the people that in the years have

openmamba milestone4 (beta) and rolling updates

The development of the rolling distribution of openmamba keeps going since the release of the openmamba milestone3. It’s time to give some updates: milestone4 milestone4 release enters a beta phase. Packages repositories of this milestone release are available and will be synchronized periodically with upstream repositories

openmamba milestone3

After some months in pre-release state, installation media of the milestone3 stable version are available for download with release 3.0.1. Users of existing pre-release milestone3 installations have already received system updates, while those who want to make new installations or use