News: support for 64-bit ARM architecture (and Raspberry Pi 4)

openmamba is now available for the aarch64 (aka arm64) architecture, which is added to the x86_64, i586 e arm (armel) supported architectures.

This makes openmamba potentially compatible with present and future devices based on 64-bit ARM architecture that have a standard GNU/Linux kernel.

At the same time the openmamba rolling diskimg-raspberrypi for aarch64 image file is available for download, ready to be flashed on a microSD and used with a Raspberry Pi 4 (and technically also with Raspberry Pi 3). The image provides the LXQt desktop environment with support for automatic partition resizing on first boot. Production of the image file that the KDE Plasma environment provides will follow shortly.

Advanced users can use the rootfs-base and rootfs-light for aarch64 images (and soon rootfs) by installing a suitable kernel to run all variants of openmamba on other 64-bit ARM-based devices.

The porting of the applications is still in progress and I invite users to write in the forum in case you need that particular applications are made available for aarch64 with higher priority.


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