Who we are

openmamba was created and is maintained by Silvan Calarco who through mambaSoft sponsorizes the project by offering and maintaining, among other things, the main infrastructures needed.


People who participate or participated in openmamba development:
F. Bedendo Bordon, M. Bellezza, S. Calarco, E. ‘ercolinux’ Carpanetto, Clash, S. Cotta Ramusino, A. Esposito, A. Fontana, T. Ferro, F. Giani, Gil, A. Gleede, C. Iurissevich, D. Madrisan, A. Martina, R. Moja, T. Pratellesi

People who supported openmamba with a donation:
C. Bergoglio, M. Bertolini, E. Bottero, D. Brugnolaro, E. Guidolin, D. Madrisan, R. Margelli, A. Pelorosso, A. Perona, A. Tavella

You may donate via PayPal by clicking the button below:

Thanks to TopIX for housing the frontend which provides network services to the users.