About openmamba

openmamba is an open source Linux based operating system available with two modern and always up-to-date desktop environments:

KDE Plasma

The most evolved and complete desktop system of openmamba, KDE Plasma based. For every user who wants a modern, multimedia and productive desktop.

Available in downloadable media: diskimg-livecd, livedvd, livecd, rootfs, diskimg-raspberrypi-plasma.



Openmamba system with a simple and light desktop. For server installation or desktop on obsolete PC, embedded systems, tablet, single-board PC.

Available in downloadable media: livecd-light, rootfs-light, diskimg-raspberrypi


    Other main features:
  • it is not a derivative neither depends on other existing distributions;
  • uses the RPM packaging format to distribute software components;
  • uses DNF and PackageKit as updates managers;
  • supports the installation of packages from Flatpak repositories;
  • implements a rolling mechanism to deploy continuous updates to the latest software releases;
  • it is available for x86 (64 bits with legacy support for 32 bits) and aarch64 (arm64) architectures.