News: openmamba ready to ship KDE Plasma 6 “mega-release”

After a period of packaging and testing openmamba is ready to ship the KDE Plasma 6 mega release upgrade to all users.

The next snapshots of livecd and livedvd live and installation media, which will be available within a couple of days, will already be provided with KDE Plasma 6.

In a few days the KDE Plasma 6 upgrade will be made available also to current installations of the openmamba rolling O.S. since several tests have shown that the upgrade process should be smooth for everybody.

After receiving and applying the upgrade the system needs to be rebooted. In some uncommon cases rebooting using the normal interface from the Plasma menu might not work, if you encounter this problem we suggest to close all running applications and issue a “sudo reboot” command from a terminal window.

Users using the default Plasma session will be automatically switched from X11 to Wayland graphical backend, which is now the default and recommended type of desktop session to use with KDE Plasma and openmamba.

Users can anticipate the upgrade by temporary enabling the “openmamba miscellaneous packages repository [unstable]” in discover Settings.

If you encounter any problem you may use the forum or the other openmamba support channels to ask for help.


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