openmamba returns to have a single maintainer

From this year the maintenance and development of openmamba have resumed a pace equal if not higher than in previous years. Working with continuity I have producted a substantial modernization of the package base of the rolling version of the distribution and updated and verified the media for installation and live use (livedvd, livecd, etc.).

Seen my renewed possibilities to return to work on openmamba with continuity and focus and having ideas to make improvements in the present and near future, I asked to be able to resume the complete management of the project and overcome the current management divided between coordinators of the areas of communication, development, documentation and testing and graphics. The coordinators have welcomed my will by renewing their willingness to collaborate and contribute to the project as much as they can.

First of all I would like to thank Andrea Martina for starting the #restart process of openmamba after a difficult transition at the beginning of 2017 that had led the undersigned to announce the closure of the project.

Thanks to Ercole Carpanetto and Federico Bottero for making themselves available and participating as coordinators and to all those who have given their support in any way demonstrating their interest in this project.

The activities currently will continue on the development and improvement of the rolling version of openmamba.

See you soon,
Silvan Calarco

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