openmamba: subsystem updated to RPM 4 and DNF

After a period of development and testing, the openmamba software packages management and update subsystem has been updated and rebased on version 4 of the RPM manger package using DNF (which replaces YUM) for managing system updates.

With this important change openmamba aligns with the main distributions of the Linux o.s. based on RPM implementing a convergent and maintained solution and thus overcoming some problems, among which the main for the user was the impossibility of making updates using applets and graphical desktop interfaces.

Current installations will be updated to the new subsystem by running (for the last time) the `sudo yum update` command from the terminal. In case of problems after the update, I invite you to write or search for information in the openmamba website forum.

Live and installation media will be available with the new subsystem as they are automatically regenerated, ie with a date equal to or later than 07/21/2019.

openmamba makes available to anyone interested a desktop operating system based on the most recent versions of KDE Plasma and the main applications trying to provide an experience that is always in step with the times. With the news announced today, the prospect for the near future is that openmamba can improve further and faster.


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