The openmamba project, after the previous announcement, is back up and under development.

Thanks to the interest of many users it was possible to restart reviewing its organization and development processes.

Now, under the expert guide of the team leader Silvan Calarco, four work groups have been constituted: communication and promotion, testing and documentation, technical development and graphical contents.

Each area has its own coordinator which is responsible to organize the work with people who want to collaborate.

This new management will allow to make plans for the future while maintaining the project peculiarities on stability, simplicity and independence.

This is only a first step: openmamba is a singular project in the italian scene of GNU/Linux distributions, exclusively based on the commitment of voluntary people and in order to grow up more it needs new users willing to use, test and take part to the project. This is why we will be pleased to welcome new forces.

We want to say thanks to all the people who made themselves available so that all this happened.

Silvan Calarco
Ercole Carpanetto
Federico Gottero
Andrea Martina

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