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    Users of openmamba milestone2 will get an upgrade to the fourth pre-release

    with the following main new features:

    – “longterm” kernel

    – KDE desktop environment 4.5.5

    – network connections management is now based on NetworkManager in order to

    provide an integrated and simple solution for ethernet, wireless, mobile

    broadband, ADSL (PPPoE) and more

    – 400+ software components updated

    – initial support for the “light” LXDE desktop environment, suitable for

    computers with limited CPU and memory resources


    – upon upgrade completion the system must be rebooted

    – network settings like password for Wireless connection, static IP and DNS

    and any other custom settings have to be reconfigured with the new interface

    – in order to decrease the risk of an upgrade failure due to the new kernel it

    is now possible to start the system using the previous kernel (2.6.33),

    available as a choice in the boot menu

    – in order to use the LXDE environment the “lxde” package must be installed,

    then logout from KDE and login again after selecting “lxde” session type

    Within a few days live installation media will be available and the official

    release will be published.

    Wishing you a pleasant upgrade,


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