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      The ISO images and archives of the sixth openmamba milestone2 pre-release are available for download.

      This new release adds the following new features:

      – Linux kernel 3.0.4

      – support for 4GB+ RAM system (livedvd version)

      – live-gnome: new stable live CD based on the Gnome desktop environment, version 2.32. 3.x will be optionally available as an upgrade when ready

      – live-light: new stable live CD based on the LXDE environment

      – USB 3.0 support for the USB live version of openmamba

      – KDE 4.6.5 (KDE 4.7.x will be available as an update as soon as the changes and tests for painless user upgrades will be completed)

      – Chromium is the new default and recommended browser

      – added support for the open source ‘nouveau’ video driver for system having an NVIDIA graphical chipset, as well as updates with all other graphic drivers

      The downloadable media are:

      – livedvd: complete and recommended for most installations, kernel for 4GB+ RAM systems can be selected at boot

      – livecd: base system release limited to fit into a CD, the installation of the additional components in the livedvd version can be made after installation through a network connection

      – livecd-gnome: GNOME desktop environment version for CD medium. Additional components can be installed from network after the installation. The system is stable and usable but the work on GNOME desktop is still in progress and any problem seen and reported will be rapidly fixed through system updates

      – livecd-light: light version for optimized server installations and old for hardware with limited resources

      – sdk: ARM EABI compatible root filesystem with the LXDE graphical environment. Suitable for the installation on ARM based mobile and embedded devices

      – bootusb: auxiliary archive for booting and installing live media through a USB storage device.

      All targets support x86 compatible archs (with the exception of sdk) and are available in english, italian and spanish languages. The ISO images can be burnt on CD/DVD media or installed in a USB pendrive and used to boot a live system and install it.

      Please note that the livegames target is no longer available as a stable release but is still available as a weekly development snapshot.

      A long and detailed list of changes can be found on these pages:

      and on the new git repository:

      Thanks to all the people who contributed in different ways to the development of this new release of openmamba.


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