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      The third pre-release of openmamba milestone 2 is out with over 1000 software updates. The system is based on Linux kernel and provides a modern desktop environment that includes, among the others, KDE (4.5.3), OpenOffice (3.2), Firefox (3.6.12), Amarok (2.3.2).

      openmamba is available for PC (x86 compatibles) in english, italian and spanish languages, it is distributed as ISO images in livecd, livedvd and livegames flavours and can be freely downloaded from The ISO image can be burned on CD/DVD media or installed in a USB pendrive and used to boot a live system and install it.

      Users of previous 2.0 pre-releases will receive a consistent upgrade from network to get aligned with the new release. In case of problems it is recommended to write in the Forum at or to use the Bug Tracking page at

      The full list of changes is available on this page:

      Thanks to all the people who contributed in different ways to the development of this new release of openmamba. Beta testers and developers are welcome and can subscribe and write to the development Lists ( or in the Forum (


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      I’ve just downloaded the latest iso file and burned it to a DVD. I booted the DVD, hoping to install openmamba onto a hard drive. But the process ended with a text screen asking me for a username and password, which, of course, I don’t have. Please supply the default username and password so that I can proceed with the installation. I tried a username of “admin”, and it seemed to accept that. But when then asked for a password, I tried all I could think of and it accepted none of them.

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      There are no preset passwords in openmamba, normally when this happens it’s because of a bug in desktop environment startup. You can press CTRL-ALT-F2 to access a console where you can set a password but that won’t fix the problem. The cause of the problem might be visible in /root/.xsession-errors or you can generate a detailed report by running the command openmamba-makereport and then send the output file to for us to examine it. Regards.

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