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      I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of openmamba milestone2 2.0pre1, the new version of the GNU/Linux operating system for laptop, desktop and server PC’s.

      The second “milestone” of the openmamba development project has been reached thanks to the integration of the modern KDE 4 desktop environment, the most recent improvements to the Linux kernel and system software and the best open source applications.

      milestone2 offers a renewed tecnological experience thanks to the introduction of automatic maintainance and update mechanisms and to the contribution of mambaSoft and the openmamba developers community, thus providing the user a simple and smart instrument for the interaction with present computer technologies and the internet.

      After months devoted to development and testing, this release is for the users who look for a optimal combination of innovation, reliability and stability. The use of stable repositories with few massive upgrades scheduled, give the user the needed reliability for most purposes.

      openmamba milestone2 is available for free download from this web site in the form of ISO images for livecd and livedvd media. The bootusb distribution can be used with the ISO images to install openmamba on a pen drive, thus also offering a personal system that can be used on many different PC’s.

      openmamba media are available in three languages: italian, english and spanish (new!).

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      Hi Silvan, I like openmamba it works great as a live cd, my problem is when I installit as a second hard drive system after I reboot it goes to Grub Rescue & will not boot any system is there a problem with Grub installation I have not experienced this with any other linux distro

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      I’ve seen in past such problems with combinations of IDE/SATA disks, is that your situation? Can you provide the installation log that is called /var/log/install*.log and is in the installed openmamba partition? You may attach it here or more privately to reports<at>openmamba<dot>org. Thanks.

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