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      The first 64 bit version of openmamba livecd is available. The live system is based on KDE 4 and provides all the features of the classic 32 bit version including the tool to install the system on the PC. The porting of the second-stage installed additional components is yet to be completed, but those who want to install 64 bit openmamba today will be able to add the missing components later as soon as they become available.

      To boot and install a live openmamba medium you need to follow one of the following procedures:

      • download the ISO image and burn into a CD/DVD medium
      • prepare a USB pendrive starting from an openmamba system:

        • using the usbinstall tool that is available in the system applications menu
        • installing the modified unetbootin package (*) through Add/Remove software packages...

      • prepare a bootable USB pendrive from any Linux system by following the instructions found in the openmamba bootusb archive page

      (*) support for openmamba in all unetbootin Linux version will be available when the patch I have submitted will be accepted and integrated upstream.

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