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      **openmamba milestone1 pre-release 5**

      A new release of openmamba livecd and livestudio is available for download.

      What’s new in this release:

      * Test and correction of international (english) release

      * Added installation group with base web server packages (Apache, PHP, MySQL)

      * Added integrated support for internet access through proxy server

      * Support for PDA and cellullar phones syncronization with kitchensync (beta)

      * Supporto for Skype installation from network

      * System and desktop final changes for stable release

      * Many updates and bugfixes

      The livecd release can be downloaded from

      The livestudio release can be downloaded from

      If the tests won’t expose big problems, in a short period the milestone 1 repository will be freezed and stable openmamba milestone 1 1.0 will be released. This will give users a stable system with limited updates and developers a development branch for the future milestone 2 release.

      Have a nice day,


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