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      The third openmamba pre-release is available with tag snapshot 20080224. The tests on the

      previous releases let us face and solve some relevant installation problems and the

      result is a more simple installation procedure for most users. Many thanks to all the

      beta testers who made this possible!

      Here are the most important changes of this release:

      • added support for installation in systems with different combinations of IDE, SATA and

        SCSI disks

      • boot menu (grub 2): fixed support for Windows Vista boot
      • installation wizard: check on partitions improved and the whole process has been made simpler by adding more pages to the wizard
      • many system bugfixes

      Before the stable release is ready we plan to release a forth (and last) pre-release with

      the following changes:

      • kernel: update to version 2.6.24
      • configuration dialog for language, country, keyboard and time when installation starts
      • boot menu: support for Windows and other chainloaded system boot from secondary disks
      • boot menu: support for automatic configuration of other Linux systems

      If you want to be informed about the latest news you may subscribe to the openmamba

      newsletter by registering on the website.

      The latest release can be downloaded from this page.

      A first-use guide and a problems resolution guided procedure are available in the wiki. The wiki is currently being written in italian language, but we are looking forward to find help for translations! If you want to help us in this job please contact us.

      If you have problems you may submit a bug report, or use the forum or the mailing lists.

      openmamba adventure continues, we wish you an amazing experience!

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