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      It’s a pleasure for me to announce the availability of two new live medias:

      • livegames: a collection of the best games in the distribution including Torcs, Tuxracer, Tuxkart, Pingus, FlightGear, Frozen Bubble, KSudoku. It’s perfect for entertainment moments

        anywhere a personal computer is available.

      • livestudio: a collection of programs for creative, artistic and multimedia-oriented creativity that includes Blender, GIMP, Mixxx, Lives, Qtractor, Rosegarden, Audacity, ZynAddSubFX, Hydrogen, Kino. Conceived for musicians, designers, graphics, photographers and

        who loves expressing it’s own creativity through new technologies.

      Like openmamba livecd, livegames and livestudio let you perform an openmamba installation on a computer providing a specialized set of programs that are immediately available for use. After the installation the mamba tool let’s perform a network installation of any other software components desired.

      Images are made available as weekly snapshots and thus are useful to simplify the development and test process of the base system.

      livegames and livestudio are based on the openmamba milestone1 (Release Candidate 1) system. Freshly included softwares are considered at a beta-test stage.



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