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      Hi. This is a minor thing, because it’s a package that not many people use, I’m sure, but it is one of the things that attracted me to openmamba. I use Reaper with wine and wineasio and RT kernel for recording music, and openmamba comes with the RT kernel, a bunch of great music apps that aren’t usually part of many distros (jack-azr3, for instance) and also had the latest wineasio packaged, (and latest KDE, which is a big plus). In short, openmamba has everything I’m looking for in a distro, prepackaged and ready to go.

      I used the weekly build from about a week ago, and installed wineasio and Reaper. Wineasio registers correctly with the regsvr32 wineasio.dll command, but only after complaining about some alsa related files. Reaper sees wineasio as a driver option, but when i try to use it I get errors that the sound device can not be accessed. I’ve made sure alsa is selected as the audio driver in winecfg (as is required for wineasio). Any ideas about what is happening here?

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      I’ve seen the problems with wineasio, too, while installing Sibelius on openmamba for a customer. I finally made it work without wineasio, so I didn’t investigate further, but when I have time I will do some more tests on this, if nobody else comes first. Thanks for testing openmamba and reporting this problem.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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