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      just a polite enquiry as to whether Openmamba is alive or dead as a Linux OS.

      There has been very little activity here for quite a while …………. but the rolling release torrent was just put on linux tracker.

      Are you alive or dead as a distro ?

      why would i choose to use your distro ?

      What is the purpose of this distro………..what is your target audience

      how up to date or ” cutting edge” is this distro and apps.
      can i use Qt5 and latest Kde

      Why share a IMG.GZ file …………..why not a .ISO file.

      i cannot copy this file to usb drive. DD command keeps giving me…………. No such file error.

      If you want new users to come over to your OS ……….. In my opinion, it is best to just use .iso ……because it is so much easier to install to usb or dvd or VM.
      If you just want Linux geeks to use your OS…………like Kaos OS does………. then good luck to you.

      I am now downloading the DVD ……….it is very slow at 67Kbps ………………. 4 days to download. surely you can put all downloads on torrent.

      cheers Daz

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      Dear Daz,
      openmamba is alive and maintained with package updates and improvements daily available in rolling release and less frequently in the milestone3 release. kde5 is a work in progress, but we give priority to keep our little users base happy with a well tested and stable environment.
      Although the desktop environment is not a cutting-edge latest release to tell to the world, we concentrate on the user ability to use openmamba everyday for productive usage as a desktop, notebook and server installation. Most of the users I know don’t even know the name of the desktop environment they are using in openmamba, and about the existence of a new version, they just want it to work for internet, multimedia, office production and so we try to keep them up-to-date with the latest applications release. Furthermore the distribution is partly maintained by automatic processes which we developed in the years.
      As I think you have finally found, iso images are available for download as well as the image to make a live usb pen drive. I don’t get such slow download speeds, but I’ve changed the download page so that foreign users get downloads from a mirror server which may be faster. Also I’m adding the livecd .iso in the main download page so that users with slower download speed may more easily find this version to download.

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