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      Hello Silvan,

      I tried to install OpenMamba on my new laptop HP Omen 15 with dual GPU AMD and NVidia GForce GTX 1660 Ti and the iso crash when enabling the graphic driver, I think “nouveau” does not recognize the NVidia card. Could I put amdgpu.si_support=1 in iso’s kernel cmdline to force to use this driver on boot ?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Hi ouaille_aime_scier,

      you can set kernel command line options at the boot menu, if I remember correctly by pressing [TAB], but I don’t know if the option you want to add will be sufficient to boot with AMD instead of NVidia.

      I’ve found this upstream issue for your card with Nouveau driver which suggests to use nouveau.config=NvChipset=0x167 instead. Btw this thread also says that this should be fixed since kernel 5.3+, so I’m not sure about what is happening considering that the current livecd ISO provides a 5.10 kernel. Please, make sure you are using the latest livecd ISO, not the livedvd because there have been fixes on the Mesa side for NVidia cards.

      If you are able to boot the ISO (i.e. with the nomodeset boot option which should boot with VESA modes) and want to install it on your PC, then for optimal (but proprietary) driver support you may install the latest 465.31 driver with this command:
      sudo dnf install xorg-drv-video-nvidia.

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      Thanks for your quickly answer, I will test all of that this evening. For the installation, I use the diskimg-livecd but I will take the livecd-rolling instead.

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