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      I LOVE openMamba!!!! I prefer it over Ubuntu anyday!!!

      When I follow the instructions exactly, after selecting to boot from USB I just “MBR” on the screen and it freezes. Maybe I did something wrong, but I’m going to start over from the beginning and see what happens.

      –EDIT– Didn’t work 🙁 It got up to loading after I selected the default option. I got and error that said something like:

      :/openmamba-live/openmamba-live.iso :No such file or directory

      And it just froze. So I am going to try renaming the ISO, mounting it with ‘loopback’ in /boot/extlinux.conf , and then changing the line to say ‘root=(loop)’ in the append line. It’s worth a shot because I don’t have any blank CDs or DVDs and I want to upgrade to milestone2 with a fresh install. I’ll keep you posted.

      –HOPEFULLY– we can get some more support and more accurate instructions on the site, thus enabling we users to feel confident about telling our friends about this amazing system 😀


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      Still no luck 🙁 I’m going to try just copying everything inside the liveCD ISO onto the USB which has been formated using FAT and marked bootable….

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      Hi Tweedle: to make a bootable USB pen just use the program in the “S” menu of Kde. If you search USB it will show up. Just plug an empty USB pen and follow the instruction on screen.

      Actually to make a Milestone2 USB pen you must start with a milestone2. If you have a milestone1 probably there are incompatibility in the version of the software used to build the system and the ones on the new system.

      Maybe you can try to use Virtualbox to boot up a milestone2 iso and then build the pen from here. Warn that you must use the virtualbox from the Oracle site not the OSE version shipped with openmamba (due to license limitation there is no USB support in OSE version).

      Another option, a little more complex, is to follow all the instruction on the site to copy all the needed files on the USB pen, then in a terminal do the following:

      su –

      cd [mount point]

      mount -o loop [openmamba version.iso] ./rwroot

      ./rwroot/sbin/extlinux –install boot

      ./rwroot/usr/sbin/install-mbr <pen device>

      so you use the correct version of the softwares

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      Hi Tweedle,

      yes the bootusb instructions need to be rewritten since 2.0pre3, thank you for reporting.

      BTW if you have a working installation of openmamba 2.0pre3 the easiest way to make a live USB pendrive is by using the “usbinstall” tool that you find in the applications menu under System -> openmamba.

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