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    I’ve downloaded th openmamba livedvd-2.0.11 but i cannot get the live session to work!

    Here is the synopsis:

    1)from the boot screen of 3.4mamba i cannot get a live session: after getting the first few dialogs of setting up I cet a black screen with a little green. This happens for both default 3.4mamba & default mamba-64GB !

    2) If i select the no modeset option of vga 1024×768 then when i try to boot the screen justs hangs at that first screen

    3) If i choose default openmamba & use tab to add the ‘nomoseset’ option to the kernel arguments then also I am stuck at that screen!

    I’ve booted different linux distros, i’ve had to select ‘nomodeset’ and ‘no splash’ for both Ubuntu & fedora but that doesn’t seem to work!

    Details about my system:

    AMD A4 dualcore processor

    AMD Radeon 6xxx series graphics cards

    3.5Gb Memory

    any other information u need i am ready to furnish !



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    can you access a console by pressing CTRL-ALT-F2? If so you might try to generate a system report with the openmamba-makereport command, copy the output file outside someway and attach it here or send to reports @ for me to check.

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    sorry for the late reply..I have been trying to get a console finally got it using the following kernel args:

    1) 3.4mamba 64Gb- no splash & nomodeset (quiet splash doesn’t work, just like in fedora)

    Attached image-1426 gives a screen while the system is booting, i uploaded that just in case it give any insight.

    2) Also, 1024×768 ‘no splash & nomodeset’ gives a console and i’ve generated the openmamba-makereport

    Both the 1) & 2) consoles gave the same results to openmamba-makereport which is attached in images 1424 & 1425.

    Is there anything wrong with the iso burnt? i didn’t do a checksum, BTW !

    Since the attachments are large I’m sending them to reports @

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    Hi Bhatta,

    thanks for taking the time to report the problem and taking the pictures.

    Unfortunately the report couldn’t be created because the computer serial number contains ‘/’ which are not escaped by the openmamba-makereport (now fixed for future releases). You may want to retry running openmamba-makereport after editing or deleting the file /etc/sysconfig/machine.

    BTW image-1426 shows a X crash while detecting the video driver, this may be caused by the ATI proprietary driver, the report should give further details on the problem by including /var/log/Xorg.*.log files.

    Also you might try booting the devel (snapshot) livecd or livedvd releases which contain more up-to-date user-space drivers.

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    what is the major difference between the livecd & livedvd? Will i get a DE in the livecd from where i can add individual apps later on ?

    I want to give the livecd/dvd a try before i try booting up 2.0.11 & delete/edit /etc/sysconfig/machine !

    Also, link please for the devel-livecd/dvd.Will downloading ‘weekly snapshot livecd ‘ give me the devel version?

    Glad to be of any help in tinkering the project!

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    Using the livecd you will start from a minimal installation and later you will be able to install from network all (or part of) the components that are in the livedvd.

    Here I recommend livecd just to speed-up and simplify download & test for this basic problem.

    From this page you can get any version, yes for the devel version you need to download the latest weekly snapshot:

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    one last question! Do i get the livecd i586 or x86_64, my processor is amd 64 !

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    Both should work, i586 is the traditional most complete and tested architecture, x86_64 is recent in openmamba and lacks some packages which may still require porting (this is not a big problem) plus still lacks some 32bit libraries support for some 32bit only non-free software (like Skype).

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    I am downloading this for trial! openmamba-livecd-en-snapshot-20130812.x86_64.iso

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    Ok, Using ‘no splash & nomodeset’ I am able to get a live session using the weekly build livecd!

    But the system is getting very hot!

    How to install fglrx drivers in openmamba?

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    I wonder what driver you are using now, is your chip know not to be working with open source modeset driver (radeon)?

    Anyway you have to install xorg-drv-video-fglrx, then check that driver is installed and compiled correctly with sudo dkms status, then remove /etc/X11/Xorg.conf and reboot (of course this should be done after installing the system or using livecd on a persistent pendrive).

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    Actually I have 3 Linux distros in this laptop! Debian, Fedora & Ubuntu…

    In all 3 I had to download n install Fglrx drivers, as open source “mesa’ drivers (if i am not mistaken it is called) was overheating my laptop!

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