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    There is a Distribution independent Installer-Framework, called Calamares, which already reach Version 1.0.
    It get developed by a payed Developer from Bluesystems, called Teo, together with some Volunteers and use Qt5.

    Calamares support UEFI (in KaOS), GPT, Locales, automatic Partitioning and a lot of Distros already use port it, like:

    Chakra, KaOS, Manjaro, Netrunner, OpenMandriva/ROSA, MauiOS, Kubuntu and BBQ Linux. (There are more, who show Interest.)

    Modules can get written in C++ and Python. (With UEFI Support) (Vanilla)

    PCLinuxOS, who use apt-rpm as well, think about Calamares as well:,130695.0.html

    I hope, this helps 🙂

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    Hi and thanks for the information. I heard about it a couple of weeks ago and the work to integrate it in openmamba is already in progress. Very good news!

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    Hurray ^-^

    Just to get sure: Open Mamba use apt-rpm, correct ?

    I ask, because PCLinuxOS is also interested in Calamares:,130695.0.html

    That makes a Cooperation possible, yes ?

    Basic apt-get Support is already integrated into the vanilla Calamares, just auto-remove is missing in apt-rpm, or ?

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    openmamba used apt-rpm a long time ago but the current package manager is smart. I think this incorrect information comes from distrowatch, does it?
    As for calamares, I haven’t paid attention to what it does for packages installations yet. What I’ve seen is that it has support for uncompressing a livedvd/cd squashfs archive which is what our current (kde3 based) installation is based on. Shouldn’t even this suit our needs my idea would be to just let Calamares fill a configuration file and run the current bash based install script. Even so we will get a modern graphical interface with integrated (auto)partitioning support.
    Should I need to make modifications which can be useful to the project itself I will be happy to participate or send the patches to Calamares developers.

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      hi there 🙂

      how is the status ? 🙂

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    the status of calamares in openmamba? See this news.

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