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    First of all I would like to say that I think that the openmamba desktop environment looks great. However some of my computers would probably work better with a “lighter” desktop environment (e.g. lxde) so I would like to try to create a “remaster” that has a more lightweight desktop.

    Has anyone already created openmamba remasters having alternative desktops?

    Do openmamba define/support any specifc remaster process that would help me do this or do I need to find out myself how this should be done?

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    Hi. The tool for mastering openmamba is called makedist, it is available for installation but it has never been used outside our development environment so I expect you need some instruction and fixes to make this work for you. Anyway I think the first part of the work would be packaging and testing lxde for openmamba. If you want to discuss on development details I would first recommend you to subscribe to the openmamba-devel list (see page for details).

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