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Pepper-flash plugin for Chromium

Following the recent Chromium updates for openmamba milestone3 and rolling users, it is necessary to install the pepper-flash plugin in order to see the web pages requiring the flash plugin. You may do this by simply running the Pepper-flash plugin from Google Chrome

openmamba adds support for the new Raspberry Pi 2

The new snapshot of the diskimg-raspberrypi image adds support for the new Raspberry Pi 2. The image needs to be uncompressed and transferred on a microSD with an appropriate command, afterwards is it sufficient to insert the microSD card in any Raspberry

New openmamba installation interface

Since this week people going to install openmamba will find a new installation interface based on the Calamares distribution independent framework. Some graphical and funzional aspects still need to be completed but the procedure is already working and provides new

openmamba disk images now available

openmamba is now also available as downloadable “disk images”. The “diskimg-livecd” images let you install a live, portable and installable of openmamba on a USB pendrive. In a few minutes have the latest openmamba running on your 32 or 64 bits PC, notebook