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      I like using docks for the desktop.
      My favorite one for KDE is Latte-Dock, but couldn’t find it in the Openmamaba-Repositories. May be i missed something out and there for would kindly ask you if there is a package to install via apt or if i have to build it from source?

      Many thanks in advance. Markus

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      Hi Markus,
      we are happy to add new packages and make openmamba more complete. I didn’t know about Latte-Dock and have made a new package for it. It will be available in the main rolling repository in a few hours, but if you run x86_64 openmamba you can install and try it just now with the following console command:

      sudo dnf install latte-dock --enablerepo=unstable-makedist

Viewing 1 reply thread
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