installation media openmamba livestudio

What is this?

openmamba livestudio is a live release of the openmamba operating system that provides a collection of program for creative productivity that can immediately be used simply by booting or rebooting your computer with the CD in the reader.

It also provides an installation interface for system installation on fixed disk that lets you use openmamba while maintaining the operating system pre-installed in your computer (e.g. Microsoft Windows).

It works on almost any Personal Computer: notebook, desktop and server.

Who is it for?

openmamba livestudio was thought for musicians, designers, graphics, photographers and who likes expressing creativity through new tecnologies. It's a collection that shows the most recent release in the Open Source software world and offest an alternative possibility in a branch where commecial products are still preferred for professional purposes.

  • live desktop system for standard Personal Computers (Intel i686 or compatible)
  • top applications: Blender, GIMP, Mixxx, Lives, Qtractor, Rosegarden, Audacity, ZynAddSubFX, Hydrogen, Kino
  • automatic hardware detection and configuration for multimediality
  • support for proprietary nvidia and ATI 3D graphic drivers, Open Source drivers support is available too
  • NTFS read and write support using ntfs-3g
  • 3D graphical desktop support with AIGLX and Compiz
  • professional audio support with jack low-latency server
  • fixed disk installation interface
All media (info and download):
Stable release: Weekly snapshot: Previous stable release (obsoleted):

A Personal Computer (PC) or an Intel based Mac with the following minimum components:

  • processor: Intel Pentium III or higher or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or higher
  • 196 MB of RAM or more (256 are recommended)
  • a CD-ROM drive
Additional requirements for system installation:
  • a fixed disk with 5 GB of free space or more

CD burning
The livestudio system is distributed as a standard ISO 9660 image file. So you have to burn it as an ISO image file, the option is available in most CD burning programs. openmamba livestudio fits in a 700 MB (80 minutes) CD-R o CD-RW empty support.

livecd startup
Insert the CD in the player and restart the computer. On most computers the system should start up automatically but sometimes you have to tell the BIOS to boot from CD. Please see your computer guide or read the startup messages on video for more information on how to boot from CD.

After a 1-3 minutes wait for system startup (times depend on computer hardware features) openmamba graphical interface will be available and ready to use in a KDE environment with superuser (root) user permissions.


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