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openmamba livedvd 20230301 (devel) new snapshot is available - 03/01/2023

The 20230301 snapshot release of the openmamba livedvd distribution is available for download.


A live release of openmamba in ISO format so that you can make a DVD from it.

Who it's for

openmamba livedvd is the complete medium for a quick and complete installation into a computer.
It is suitable for most kinds of computer usages at home or office, i.e. accessing Internet, producing documents, listening to music and watching movies and it's useful for data recovery on computers where the installed operating system does no longer work.


A Intel x86 compatible Personal Computer (PC) with the following minimum features:
  • processor: Intel Pentium III or higher or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM (2GB are recommended)
  • a CD-ROM drive or USB with boot support
Additional requirements for system installation:
  • a fixed disk with 20 GB of free space or more


  • live desktop system for standard Personal Computers (Intel x86 compatible)
  • boot option to optimally support computers having 4 or more GB of RAM
  • top applications: LibreOffice, amarok, kaffeine, wine, gimp, firefox, kopete,audacity,k3b
  • automatic hardware detection and configuration for multimediality
  • support for proprietary nvidia and ATI 3D graphic drivers, Open Source drivers support is available too
  • NTFS read and write support using ntfs-3g
  • 3D graphical desktop support with AIGLX and Compiz
  • professional audio support with jack low-latency server
  • fixed disk installation interface


LanguageArchDownload linkSizeDateMD5
englishx86_64openmamba-livedvd-en-snapshot-20230301.x86_64.iso 3184 MB2023-03-010c0eb845a4a17cf956a597d12fc6a5db

Operating system information

  • Name: openmamba
  • Type: GNU/Linux operating system
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Release branch: devel (unstable)
  • Planned maintenance: long term
  • Updates level: rolling
  • Updates default channels: devel, devel-games